• Product Launch to New Markets and Seeking Sales Help

    DSC00660With Good Reasons display boxes for our bars and our nuts will be printed in the next two weeks.  It is exciting to see this new phase.  We will be working hard to bring on new businesses in the next couple of months.  We hope you can encourage local businesses to order some of our scrumptious products.  We have had many people asking us about getting the nuts and trail mix in larger quantities.  We are introducing the 7.5oz. bags of these products.

    We also have managed to start using all plant based packaging.  You will be able to add the packages to your compost.  NO LANDFILLS involved!!!  This is part of our attempt to become a greener company.

    We are seeking a sales representative to help kick off these sales.  One of the perks of joining our team is that in ten years we plan to be an employee owned company.  Have you ever dreamed of owning a company, but don’t want to do all the leg work to get there?  This is your opportunity.  Working with a team of owners gives all employees a real dedication to quality and the future of the company.

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