• Participate in the December Giving to the Community Kitchen and Multi-packs of bars are a wonderful gift

    December Giving –  Your purchase this December will turn into a gift to the Community Kitchen in Keene, NH.  For every 3 items purchased online or at Farmer’s Market one of equal value will be given to the Community Kitchen.  You can boost the amount we give this year with a purchase.  If you order 1 dozen granola bars then an additional 4 bars will be donated.  Let’s join in giving where it is really needed this year!

    Multi-packs – When running a business I constantly run into obstacles.  The trick is to turn the obstacles into something positive.  Well, so here is the latest issue.  I made the financial decision to pull outPictures for Jen 049 of the co-packer(the facility that was helping me make and package my bars.  That left we with boxes of unpackaged bars.  I can not label them organic, gluten-free, and kosher because I am packaging them in my own licensed kitchen, but this kitchen isn’t certified.  My advisory board and I decided that making multi-packs of the bars and selling them at a discount would be one great way to sell them.  We are now offering the multi-packs on our website.

    Next steps – You may be wondering what is next for the company since we are no longer working at the co-packer.  We are currently working on kitchen designs with Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation and may be moving our operation to the old bookpress building behind Agway in Brattleboro.  This is exciting news.  It will allow me to keep the product fresher and to keep a better handle on quality in general.  I may even bring back some seasonal specials.  Anyone up for some Maple Black-Walnut Granola bars?

    I am also in conversation with another gluten-free baker that was looking for a kitchen space.  We may be sharing the space.  This could be great fun as we could help each other out some and not be working alone nearly as much.   In this case the difficulty of transition may be opening exciting new doors.


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