• October 22, 2014 – New Paleo Bars, business growth, and Pumpkinfest

    This summer I have been working on developing a recipe for my first grain-free bar.  Many people are eating less grain or just looking for a higher protein bar.  This paleo bar that I have developed has more protein and less sugars than the granola bars I usually make.  I added some chia seeds and some spirulina.  The spirulina gives it a green color and some important micro-nutrients.  We had a contest to name the paleo bar.  It is now called Almond Chia Mia.  The name was offered by Sue Walthour.  I will soon start on my next grain-free bar using kale.

    Much time has been spent looking for a kitchen to grow my business.   I was going to buy a property and build a kitchen, but realize that to do that puts everything I have on the line.  That is a difficult choice to make.  I am currently looking at renting a space or buying something if the right thing comes along.

    The other item that has taken up  so much of my time is trying to find a better packaging material.  I want to find a material that helps my bars retain their fresh flavor longer.  The struggle becomes that I don’t want to use plastic and I need something that is biodegradable.  I don’t want my packaging to contribute to the waste accumulating in landfills.

    Last Saturday was Pumpkinfest in Keene.  I took time to enjoy creating a pumpkin carving of my company logo.  Thanks to Alli Gardner, the young lady that created my logo.  I am quite pleased with her creation.  The pumpkin was admired by many at pumpkinfest.

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