• New production facility

    Exciting things have been happening lately for With Good Reasons. For more than a year I have been searching for the right place to develop a large commercial kitchen in order to take With Good Reasons to the next level.  The process has been daunting and would be quite expensive, especially for a small and locally-based business like mine.  That is why I was so excited when I found a facility in Randolph, VT called Freedom Foods.  They can make and package my products—and their facility is kosher and gluten free! Since I already use gluten-free ingredients, this means I could finally label my bars as gluten free (as well as organic and kosher), a goal I have been striving for since I started the company.

    square granola bars

    Granola bars from test run at Freedom Foods on 2/24/15. Note the square shape and thicker bars.

    I spent 2 days at Freedom Foods conducting test runs producing granola bars and paleo bars at the end of February.  The shape of the bars has changed.  They are now thicker and closer to a square in shape.   The extruder that we used to form the bars left the paleo bars with a similar consistency, but it smashed the ingredients in the granola bars such that they have more of a cookie consistency.  All of the bars still have the same great flavor.  We are in discussion with Freedom Foods about purchasing a roller machine to use in place of the extruder so that the granola bars will retain granola bar consistency.

    Another perk is that Freedom Foods offers assistance in sales.  Already, I am scheduled to attend a few shows to introduce my bars to the wider market: Fancy Food show in NYC in July, the New England Trade Show in Portland Maine March 14-16, and the Matchmaker event at Northeastern University on March 11.

    This new development could spell big changes for With Good Reasons. Not only will I be able to ramp up production, but now I can experiment and play with new recipes, different shapes, packaging to keep my products fresher, and more! After the many years of love and hard work that I have poured into this company, I am hoping this will help it really take off.

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