• Feb. 19, 2014 – Contest to determine next seasonal special

    In January I had a contest to determine the next seasonal special.  I was looking for something exciting to perk up the winter days.  I had to consider not only taste, but also shelf life and cost to produce (as I want to keep my costs as low as possible, so the price will not rise).  Thanks to all those who participated.

    The winner is Kathy Lafirira.  She suggested Cherries & Dark Chocolate.  I have tried this out on friends and the feedback has been glowing with praise.  I might have to consider making this a new regular flavor.  Thanks Kathy for the great suggestion!

    I also just started purchasing Dark Chocolate chips that do not contain any soy lecithin.  I use these in the Cherries and Dark Chocolate Granola Bar.  I am planning to switch all the bars over to this chocolate chip when I need to reprint the labels.  So in a few months there will be no soy in any of my bars.  Yeh!

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