• December 12 – There are now 3 Paleo bars.

    I have added the Fig ‘n’ Cocoa Paleo Bars and the Tart Cherries ‘n’ Cocoa Paleo Bars.  I have yet to get kale into a bar, but I will keep trying.  The Tart Cherries ‘n’ Cocoa bars do not have any added sweeteners.  I use fruit to sweeten the chocolate.  I find this bar to be a favorite of many.  The Fig ‘n’ Cocoa bars have a little dried pineapple to add a special touch.  I hope you enjoy these delightful treasures.  I will be working on 3 more varieties over the next few months and tweaking the ones I already have.  I would like to have 6 different Paleo varieties.  If you have any suggestions feel free to send them my way.  I love getting ideas from others.

    I hope you all have a peaceful holiday season!



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