• Choices we make! Folks prefer a sweeter and softer bar?

    I recently made a dried flower arrangement with some of my left overs from the season.  There is beauty there, but can we see it if we are so used to fresh flowers and their vibrancy? The beauty is of a different nature.  The same is true about my bars.
    First – We try to decrease the sugar content of our bars. Many processed foods are loaded with excess sugar. When we eat these foods they leave us craving more sugar. We want to be part of breaking this cycle. The With Good Reasons bars are much less sweet than most, especially the Paleo Bars. This is intentional. The Paleo Bars were actually developed with guidance from a doctor, who likes to focus on wellness.Beauty-Can you see it 010
    Second – With Good Reasons doesn’t use chemical preservatives or unrecognizable ingredients in their bars. Think about it, when you get a bag of dried fruit that is preserved with sugar or chemicals it is much softer than those that are simply dried with nothing added. I stay away from sugar and chemical additives therefore the With Good Reason bars are a bit drier and some may say harder.
    Our choices are based on what we believe constitutes a healthier diet. We can train our bodies to appreciate food that is less sweet and a bit drier. In the long run we at WGR think we will be healthier for it.  Check out this website for more information: http://www.webmd.com/diet/ss/slideshow-sugar-addiction.

    Also, we encourage you to read the labels on items you purchase.  I recently bought some chicken stock.  When I returned home I realized that it had 490mg of salt in 1 cup.  Boy was I surprised. I bought this at the local food co-op, so I thought I was safe.

    We recently got a wonderful note from a convert.  “Your products are a big hit with me and my friends. I am a volunteer leader with the Appalachian Mountain Club. One of the programs I lead for is OutDoorsRx; the purpose of this program is to introduce families with young children in need of outdoor activity. I often hand out your Granola Bars to them, which is a much better trail snack than what some bring on my outings. They love them!”

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