About the Logo

logoThe logo depicts two doves playfully tussling. Doves represent peace and yet the tussling also illustrates that peaceful paths can also be challenging and confusing at times. With Good Reasons strives to work toward a more peaceful, caring, and conscientious path through this world. We do this by: using fair-trade ingredients such as chocolate, vanilla, and coconut, buying organic ingredients, and buying local ingredients when possible.

Purchasing fair-trade ingredients means that the farmers producing these ingredients are actually receiving a fair and living wage for their work. Much of the chocolate in this world is produced by slave and child labor, where workers are expected to work long hours for the profit of those that own the plantation and those trading in chocolate. We do not want to be involved with exploitative practices and therefore are committed to using fair-trade ingredients.

Purchasing organic ingredients illustrates our desire to participate in creating a cleaner world, a healthier work environment for those growing the crops, and a purer food for those consuming. I grew up on a farm and saw the large amounts of chemical sprays that could be used to produce crops. I can’t help but believe that we are making a choice to pollute our ecosystem when we spray these toxins. This inevitably leads to poisoning ourselves through the spraying or consumption of the crops and poisoning the wildlife that live in the sprayed area. We strive for a cleaner approach to living that contributes to the health of our Eco-systems.

Purchasing locally allows us to invest in our local economy and to decrease the amount of pollution created by the transportation of ingredients. We currently purchase organic maple syrup, organic apples, and organic pumpkin from local farmers.  We hope to purchase our organic honey locally in the future, but the current laws make it virtually impossible to produce local organic honey.

Our logo depicts our commitment to make choices that we believe are in the best interest of our customers, our farmers, our environment, and our employees.   We are glad to have you join us on this path to a better world.

Peace and Harmony,
Marcia Winters, owner of With Good Reasons, LLC