• September 12, 2013 – Vegan additions and all gluten-free ingredients

    Just brought the new website online.  I hope you find that it is easy to navigate and interesting to browse.  Send feedback if so inclined.  I love to hear from those of you checking it out.

    Well, we managed to hold down the granola bar prices while making the switch to all gluten-free ingredients this Summer.   It is exciting to open up sales to people that need or want to be gluten-free.

    I have a good friend who tries to be vegan, but she really likes my granola bars.  Now all of my seasonal specials are vegan.  This gives some options to you vegans out there.  I grew up on a dairy farm, hence dairy has always been a part of my diet.  I do however respect those who choose otherwise.

    The last few months have found me investing in equipment to make working at home manageable.   I have a room adjoining the kitchen that is devoted to business equipment and storage.  The expense of renting the commercial kitchen was going to drain all of my financial reserves.  With the proper equipment at my home licensed kitchen I can keep up with orders and keep the products fresh.  When I did work in the commercial kitchen, I had to produce in such large quantities to make my time spent there worthwhile.  This made it harder to keep things very fresh.  Now freshness is a breeze!  Of course, for ultimate freshness keep the bars refrigerated.  I keep them refrigerated here until I ship them out.  Then they arrive at your door or the store at peak quality.  They retain the fresh flavors longer when kept in the refrigerator.   Most people don’t keep them around long enough to be concerned about the refrigeration.

    May peace bless your path in life!


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